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Jul 5, 2006
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I took the Dat end of May and really bombed the thing. I took top score exams and averaged about 17 or 18 bio 17 gchem and 20 ochem but really tanked the actual exam. My scores were bio16,gchem14,ochem18. I dont no what really went wrong but I do know that freaking exam got the best of me. It was so hard. But if you want the truth I dont even know if it was hard. I was like shocked for like the majority of the exam. Biology shocked me and then it was all down hill from there. I began studying again I still am very worried if the same thing might happen again. The exam is in a month and im retaking exams. I honestly am kinda lost and dont know where to turn. Anyone have any advice and also any exams they can share.


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May 8, 2006
when you take the practice tests, pinpoint and really learn what sort of questions you are getting wrong. if you don't understand a certain principle, the DATs will keep asking it. if you never learn them, you will just keep missing the same questions over and over again.

it's not a good idea to cram over the entire DAT book, since that would take forever (at least an entire summer, not an entire month). so basically look over what you know you don't understand. also, you want pretty evenly high scores--schools don't like to see a drastic drop in a subject compared to the others.

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