• Scariest Story Contest

    Now that it's getting close to Halloween, we're running a contest to hear your scariest stories! These can be scary stories that you've experienced or stories that you've heard and the story with the most reactions will win!



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Apr 24, 2004
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  1. Pharmacist
    We had some people dress as the Power Puff Girls and Professor whatever; the MCAT (cat w/ M on shirt), PCAT (cat w/ P on shirt), and LSAT (cat w/ M on shirt, sitting during a skit) - M,P, and L were also the ppl's first initials; a giant banana, and Harry Potter, among other things.


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    1. Pharmacist
      My dosage/compounding professor dressed as Professor Snape. He thought that the potions master was closest to his role in teaching us.

      I am now watching the lecture for today (11-8). He is out of town, so he pre-recorded our lectures for this week. Although, Halloween is over, he is lecturing in a full length lab coat which has a holstein (black & white) cow pattern.
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