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May 5, 2015
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Hello everyone, I recently matched into PGY-2 PM&R after years of struggle. I did my PGY-1 Gen Surg in 2018 and had a break till now after that. My PGY-2 starts next year and I have some time to kill. I would like to get started on what would be appropriate books for an incoming intern.

1) To form a solid base for PM&R knowledge
2) To handle call days and acute rehab
3) For clinic days
4) For the boards

I appreciate your replies.



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Jan 27, 2010
My PGY-2 I attempted to read the Braddom PM&R textbook as much as I could - especially for the inpatient rotation diagnoses (SCI, TBI, stroke, amputee, etc.). The book is very dense, but will give you an awesome base of knowledge for PM&R. I know others have done the same with DeLisa textbook and found it very valuable.

Cuccurullo book is great for preparing for boards, but IMO you need a base of knowledge prior to reading.


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Aug 22, 2005
Learning about neurogenic bowel/bladder would be first priority. That’s half your job PGY-2. In should have time to learn what you need to know while in residency. Find something fun to do instead of spending free time studying for PM&R.
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