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borderline score... should i take step 2 early?


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Jul 15, 2003
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it depends on how well you think you can do. if you have been consistently performing well on your shelf exams you have a chance to study and rock step 2, which WILL help.


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Oct 15, 2005
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since when is 221 borderline?

Take Step 2 whenever, man. Don't think it will make any difference.

I opened this thread thinking you were <200. GEEZ!


Per the latest data from the NRMP.

The data below is for US senior anesthesia applicants in 2005. Columns are
Score / # matched / # unmatched / % unmatched

0-190 50 22 31%
191-200 113 21 16%
201-210 156 11 7%
211-220 177 7 4%
221+ 402 3 1%

I really don't think your Step 1 is "borderline".
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Feb 18, 2006
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It depends what type of place you're looking to match at. As excalibur points out, you should have no problem matching into a good program with that score. If you're shooting for a "top program" though, I would say 221 probably is borderline. If you think 221 was low for you and you can do better, I'd say take it again.


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May 28, 2004
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As usual it all depends on the rest of your application. As others have said, 221 isn't really "borderline", and I can't imagine you not making cutoff, except maybe at 1 or 2 programs....if that. And they might not even look at Step 2 for their cutoff anyway. Your score will open a lot of doors, but the rest of the application counts too. And I'll feel better about shouting that from the rooftops after March 15. :D

Mista Suprane

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Jan 27, 2006
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And I'll feel better about shouting that from the rooftops after March 15. :D

:thumbup: isn't every day so painful - waiting, waiting, knowing we can't do anything about it? sorry, i just had to acknowledge someone who's probably feeling the same way i am.

to the OP: if you are a DO, take step II early enough so you can send the results in september when your apps go out. i got a 220 on step I, and a 234 on step II, and several interviewers commented on my step II score being good and helping my application despite my average-ish step I. if you're allo, listen to what everyone else is saying. probably no need; might help you at some of the top programs. just don't do worse.
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