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Jun 8, 2005
mjl1717 said:
What are the bottom line top3 resources for step 2 ck excluding Kaplan and Boards and wards {which I have}. I hear one is u.w.
How many resources do you need? :) I think depending on your baseline level of preparation, your shelf books for reference plus UW and Boards and Wards is probably all that you need. (I'm not too impressed with Kaplan, but others like it) Unless you need to get 240-250 for career reasons or whatever.

I mean, UW has 2000 something questions, that takes a long time to get through. And Boards and Wards is pretty dense. I remember at the beginning of last month when my classmates were around and we were starting to study, they all had FA for Step 2. I was like "Isn't B&W better than FA?" and they were like "It's such a small book, it can't really have what you need to know in it." Well, now that I've been studying for 4 weeks, I disagree. I think B&W is a better resource than FA. And you can see from my other thread what I think of the Secrets/Crush books. :)


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Apr 12, 2006
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:thumbup: Bottom Line:

MCQs - Crush Step 3 + Kaplan or Usmleworld qbank

CCS - First aid for step 3 + usmlesteps123 CCS cases

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Nov 28, 2004
I would agree with allyz, in the sense that this question is hard to answer and depends on a variety of factors, including: your baseline level od preparation, how much time you have, how high you're looking to score, which kinds of books works for you and which don't, where your strengths/weakness are, etc.
For questions UW is the most highly-recommended source, at least on these forums.
For text, I am happy with First Aid. I'm not too familiar with B&W, though I did think Crish and Secrets were severely lacking in detail and were not enough!
If you go through all the UW questions and explanations as well as one source of text (be it FA or B/W), you should be fine. I would recommend taking at least one NBME mini test roughly 2 weeks before your test date, to gauge where you stand!
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