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Sep 26, 2009
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Edited to add: Feel free to ignore this, it appears the director has completely changed the character's motivation.

Long story short, my husband, who is currently involved in several acting projects, has been given the task of developing a character with a fair degree of psychopathology going on.

Brief overview: The character has been given court ordered therapy after a restraining order was issued by his former girlfriend due to stalking behaviour. He exhibits high levels of neurotic attachment, is extremely possessive and clingy, has little to no concept of boundaries, engages in manipulative thought processes and behaviour, appears to be emotionally disregulated, expresses suicidal ideations, and makes repeated references/threats regarding self injurious behaviours. He considers therapy a complete waste of time, as he does not believe he has a problem that needs treating, and would not be there if it weren't for the order of the court.

So obviously we're thinking "Male with diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder", but how would that manifest itself from a standpoint of physical appearance and mannerisms? If this character walked into your office how would he look to you, how would you expect him to be dressed, how would he behave in terms of body language, eye contact, posture, etc, what tone of voice would he use, anything else you can add to round out the overall character development...?

Thanks in advance. :hello:
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