BR, EK set-- first come, first served!


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Jan 23, 2011
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For sale as a set only = $250 plus shipping (check or money order, no paypal).
PM me-- first come, first served.
I would estimate shipping ~$30, but it depends on your location.
I will ship once payment is received.

NOTE: This is the exact set-up I used to prep for the MCAT. I followed the standard SDN MCAT prep guide and scored a 37 (13PS/13VR/11BS) on my first attempt. I would strongly recommend the BR science books as well as the EK verbal. Tip: leave time for 8+ practice full-lengths!

All books in good condition except as noted.
None of the books have been marked up.
BR books are 2010 editions.
Buyer may opt not to take one or more books to save on shipping costs.
**Set will not be split.**

BR Phys I and II
BR Gen Chem I and II
- Gen Chem I has damaged binding. Pages tend to fall out. Still, you should have no problem using it.
BR Org II only
- Org I was stolen along with my car during MCAT prep. :thumbdown:
- Org II has a coffee stain that soaked through the top front cover. It is only cosmetic.

BR Bio I and II

EK Biology (7th ed.)
- Fair condition.
EK VR (2nd ed.)
EK 1001 Questions: Org, Gen Chem, Phys.

Thanks for looking, and good luck with MCAT prep!
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