Bridge or Minority Programs for DO's?

Discussion in 'Underrepresented in Healthcare' started by blaze1306, Apr 21, 2007.

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    I'm applying this year to the Bridge program for OSUCOM. As a nontrad with a family my grades are ok but not really competative. I'm going to apply to a few other schools that don't have a minimum GPA listed but i'm not very confident. Does anyone know of any other Minority programs strictly DO like OSUCOM that allow you enter at half time or on a probationary status?
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    I do not know of any firsthand, but you may want to call up each individual osteopathic school and ask them what types of programs. Maybe some of them will fit what you are looking for.

    It sounds to me like you want to enter a decelerated program and stretch your pre clinical years out over 3 years. If that is the case, then ask the schools that you are interested in if they are accomodating.

    Good luck and keep us abreast of how it goes for you.:luck:
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    NYCOM has a medprep program where you are conditionally accepted. You must complete a summer course that includes some basic sciences in order to start medical school that August. In August your status will be no different than the other students and you will be going full time.

    There is no formal application to the program as far as I know so you need to just apply to NYCOM. I think NYCOM place certain people in the program based on MCAT or GPA that they feel would succeed in medical school if given a little head start. The program is not restricted to minorities.

    I'm not sure about much else since I did not attend the program. If you are applying to NYCOM do it with the full intention of getting an acceptance without the medprep condition.

    You could do a search for "NYCOM medprep" to find people who were in the program.

    UMDNJSOM has something similar as well.

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