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Nov 1, 2005
Medical Student
hey guys, love the information on this site. it's the best way to gather information without the hassle of traveling etc.. i know it's peoples' opinion but i find it very useful.. anyways..

just wondering if people are familiar with the above 3 programs. would love to get a sense of the program but am also intersested in the citties they are in. providence vs charlotesville (?) vs clev..
any info greatly appreciated...


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Dec 22, 2004
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Hi West, I'm from the northeast and although I don't know about brown particularly - I can tell you the weather in providence is pretty extreme with cold to hot. The area itself is very nice, quaint little area. Not at all a hustling and bustling city like NY or Philly, but adequate. I would say check out the program if you're looking for a smaller area to live in that is decent on the lifestyle but very extreme in the weather.


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Oct 31, 2004
Providence is a really fun small city. Lots to do, 3 and a half hours from NYC, less than an hour from Boston, buses or trains to both.
Weather is similar to the rest of New England, but several degrees warmer in winter than Boston, with less snow. Summers you are on the water so it is really nice. Lots of beaches and boating if you like that. Psych program is really good I think, all the residents loved it there. You will need a car.
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