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    Hello and before I begin, please feel free to delete or lock this post if a similar post already exists on this matter.

    Now let's get straight to the point. At the moment my current plan is to go to Med School through a BSN ( nursing ) program. Althought I have not completed cegep yet I would like to gather up as much information as possible regarding this "route" that I would like to take. The reason as to why i would like to finish an undergrad's program in nursing, is because I do not see myself working anywhere else than in a Hospital and incase getting into Med School does not work out. I feel that this would be a good alternative to take.

    Please feel free to post your opinion regarding this matter and explain as to why you feel this way. Anyone's opinion is welcomed and apreciated.Also if you know someone who has taken this path to go to Med School or you yourself have taken this route please feel free to describe yours/his or her's experience.

    Thank you for your time and have a good afternoon.

    P.S sorry for any grammar mistakes.
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    excellent idea! It gives you more options post-degree. And getting exposure to the hospital will only help.

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