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5+ Year Member
Jul 27, 2011

I was recently accepted into both BU Met's Post Bacc program as well HES, here in Boston, and I am trying to decide between the two for the following reason:

While HES seems to be both better known and less expensive, due to a low math/science score on 2 classes from my undergrad freshman year (6yrs ago :() they are requiring I get a 32 on my MCAT for any chance of sponsorship/a committee letter. BU Met on the other hand has not placed this caveat on my chances of a letter, but I have also not heard a lot of feed back regarding their program.

Does anyone have any personal experiences they could fill me in on regarding BU Met's program? The class sizes, class experiences, feelings of overall preparedness, etc??

Anything would be a huge help!! Thank you!!


7+ Year Member
Jul 20, 2009
Boston, Massachusetts
Heh, I'm ok with BU's metropolitan college... I'll be doing an informal post-bacc with a second degree in bio. Hopefully with that and a 32+ on the MCAT... i'll be golden.

When you get your degree... it doesn't say BU Metropolitan.. it says Boston University. Which is a good school in itself.

Additionally, I made friends with a Professor from Tufts Medical (who works out where I work out)... he told me if I do really well in the post-bacc, and do well on my mcat, i shouldn't be worried about being denied from the majority of medical programs. Many do look at your post-bacc grades and see you're "serious" and if you do well and can score well on your MCAT are willing to consider you granted you have a good explanation for poor ugrad grades...

a solid personal statement, good post-bacc, good mcat, good EC's... who cares Harvard or BU? I'm doing BU so I can get federal financing ... like hell I have extra $$$ to pay for harvard and 'm not doing private loans. those private lenders are animals/dogs.
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