BUSPM First Year?

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Sep 4, 2012
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I will be a first year at BUSPM in August and I was wondering if any current students would mind sharing their insight on how much one should put aside for textbooks for the year and how to go about finding housing close to the school. I was on the website trying to figure out on-campus housing but it seems as though most of it is allotted to the undergraduates. Any help in this department would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Don't do on campus housing. Live a little farther out Miami Lakes, North Miami Beach, Aventura, Sunny Isles, Hollywood all have nice parts of them some with more affordable housing than others. On textbooks I think it has changed(new professors) but I definately did not spend more than 300 on everything (either I got it used cheap or the class provided notes). If you have another other questions let me know and I'll do my best.
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Until someone says otherwise, the rule for textbooks is the same everywhere. Do not buy anything until you get there and talk to many 2nd/3rd years. There is truly an unlimited amount of money you could spend on books . Additionally, your library is certain to have copies of all the textbooks your teachers will be using. Make some photocopies/scans and see if you can get by with just those. edit: It truly is possible to spend nothing on books if you so desire. If I could go back in time I wouldn't buy Netter's (I'm probably an exception - I hated it. Explore your school library website for other options like anatomy.tv). I bought an embryology book that I opened twice. I found that 1 hour in the library with a cell-biology electron microscope atlas was more than sufficient. The physiology book my professors use is freely available through the school website, but all the questions come out of their classnotes so why bother. A number of my classmates purchased an expensive atlas with an excellent section on dissection of the foot. That's well and good, but there's a free copy in our anatomy lab and I've never seen a line. You're going to be constantly blasted with "spend, spend, spend". I suggest that you wait, wait, wait, and investigate.
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