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C in multivariable calculus

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by rayden001, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. rayden001

    rayden001 5+ Year Member

    Feb 19, 2007
    Last semester I received a C in multivariable calculus and it had a dent:mad: on an otherwise competitive GPA. I have consulted with my advisor about retaking the class only to find out that it wouldn't have any effect on my GPA. To neutralize the negative effect, I am planning on taking Modern geometry which is quite comparable in difficulty to multivariable. Hopefully, performing well in modern geometry might increase my BCPM GPA. Do you think it is necessary to take another math class? What weight do adcomms give to upper level math classes?
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  3. mongrel

    mongrel Assoc. Prof. Dogsuit 5+ Year Member

    Well, if you're just trying to raise your BCPM GPA back up, why don't you take something easier than the class you got a C in? Maybe a B or a C in the BCPM? I think this would help you more. I don't see you having to prove your mucho upper level math skills to adcoms by trying to one-up yourself in that department.
  4. rayden001

    rayden001 5+ Year Member

    Feb 19, 2007
    I cannot take any math classes lower that multivariable because I have already taken them all and performed well in all them. I would have taken statistics but it is offered through economics department at my school, so it is technically not a BCPM. Any other suggestions would be great.
  5. Touchdown

    Touchdown Senior Member 5+ Year Member

    Mar 12, 2005
    Toledo, OH
    One C will not break you, I got a C+ in Gen Chem my freshman year 1st semester and am now an M1. However I did have to do an SMP to get there (but thats mainly because my GPA was 3.2 and I had a whole lot of Bs in other classes.)
  6. Kraazy

    Kraazy 7+ Year Member

    Feb 17, 2007
    It's the content of the class and not the name or department it's offered through that determines BCPM status. You can definitely count stats as a BCPM, and I recommend you do that rather than take Modern Algebra. Not only will stats probably be easier, but it will be tons more useful in medicine than advanced math.
  7. paranoid_eyes

    paranoid_eyes 2+ Year Member

    Sep 18, 2006
    don't retake it. the chance that you'll get much higher than a B is slim (seriously, no offense to you, it's just that multivariable calc is impossibly hard for most people on whatever time retaking)
  8. docmode

    docmode Member 5+ Year Member

    Jan 18, 2006
    I agree, remember you are not applying to MIT. I would go for something more useful, maybe biochem, or another bio course. There is a chance it might not turn out as planned. The upper lever math courses will not be useful and the others will help for your MCATs. Don't chance it. A C will be fine if that's the only one.
  9. TheGreatHunt

    TheGreatHunt High Performance 7+ Year Member

    Jan 5, 2007
    I got a C in Calc II, and I pulled up my BCPM to a 3.7, I doubt this will affect you as much as you think it does. Take some more science courses. In fact, I doubt very many people have Calc III on their transcripts anyway... It's a tough class at some places!
  10. juleswinfield

    juleswinfield Bad Mother F*#ker 2+ Year Member

    Dec 4, 2006
    I got a C and C for two semesters of Organic Chem and a B+ and C for the two lab semesters and I start at Tulane in the fall.

    Just write a really good essay about how getting that C got you thinking about other things that start with the letter compassion, caring for patients, curing cancer, and helping children at Christmas. You'd be a shoe-in.
  11. soeagerun2or

    soeagerun2or Banned Banned 2+ Year Member

    Sep 27, 2006
    You shouldn't have gone to that rhetorical party or slept in late and instead done additional problem sets.
  12. JosephFaecesMD

    JosephFaecesMD 2+ Year Member

    Mar 16, 2007
    The only C I got was in multi-d calc (calc iii). I was dumb and took it my first semester of college. I did well in my other classes and it did not stop me from getting into several medical schools, many of which were ranked in the top 40 USNWR. I had a so-so MCAT (32).

  13. maddhandless657

    maddhandless657 2+ Year Member

    Dec 10, 2006
    haha thats awesome man

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