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Feb 17, 2008
New CVS RPh at Cali. Had a few questions.

I keep reading about Cali's OT kicks in if u go over 8hr/d or 40hr/wk whichever hits first. So for 8p-8a shift I get time and half for 4 hrs every shift?? Or is it only if I go over 40hrs in the work week?
Any overnight RPh can provide scheduling too? I heard no more 7 on 7 off but 3 on 3 off 5 on 4 off?

Also read something on guild for professional pharmacist for cvs in Cali. What exactly is this?

Which immunizations are done? How do you become certified immunizer? Most states you submit app to the board but I see nothing on CA BOP website.

Thanks for the help...
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Sine Cura

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Feb 5, 2010
Every shift and over 40 hours.

This is a standing order state so what immunizations you can do is based on what is specified on the standing order.