California Accepted Medical Schools

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  1. StVagus


    Feb 1, 2010
    the link

    Medical Schools Recognized by the Medical Board of California

    The following is a list of medical schools recognized by the Medical Board of California. To locate a particular school, click on the letter for the country where that school is located.
    If a medical school is not listed on the recognized school list, the medical school is either unrecognized or disapproved. The education and training received at an unrecognized or disapproved medical school is not acceptable for licensure in California.
    Note: Students from some recognized international medical schools may have deficiencies in their training and will not meet the requirements for licensure in California. Any training deficiencies will require remedial training prior to licensure in California.
    Warning: Some recognized medical schools that teach in their native language are opening English language medical school programs. The English language programs are not recognized unless specifically stated, e.g., "University of Pecs Faculty Medicine" and "Pecs University Medical School English Program (6-year English Program)." The English language programs must apply for recognition and receive approval from the Medical Board of California for the education received from the English language program to be eligible to qualify an applicant for licensure requirements in California.
    Should you have any questions please contact the Board's Licensing Program at (916) 263-2382.
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