Sep 13, 2018
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Hey guys I've applied for my California medical license and submitted all documents. I have completed my medical school in India. California medical board requires minimum of 4 weeks of psychiatry during medical school. My application has a total of 6 weeks of Psych, but 4 weeks out of that is during my 2nd year. Medical board is saying that they only consider rotations starting 3rd year which doesnot make much sense to me. What should I do?


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May 19, 2015
I think you may have overcomplicated everything by asking them before sending your school's forms. Most of the MBBS grads I know have managed to get their PTAL successfully, including myself. I also had 4 weeks Psych in my 2nd year of MBBS, and then 2 weeks during internship at end. But I just had college fill in each and every clinic posting from 2nd year to internship. (Form L5 I think). Its not an issue, as long as everything is clearly labeled and demonstrated.
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