calling about earlier interview dates

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Nov 27, 2003
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Just got an interview date for UMD - my files were complete super late cause of recommendation/career services delays - so the date is not until late Jan.

I saw some posts where people suggested calling the schools to see if I could get an earlier interview. what do people think about this?

or should I just assume that they have a ranked list and use that when filling spots. or will they give totally new people those spots since I already have a scheduled date?

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I just kept calling to see if any cancellations had come through, and within 2 weeks, I was able to change to a date that is a month earlier than the original invitation. It doesn't hurt to try.
I was able to move one of my interviews up by one month by calling about cancellations. That meant having to make travel reservations on the fly, but it was definitely worth it when I received my first med school acceptance before Christmas! It definitely can't hurt to call because the most they can say is that they don't have openings, or they don't reschedule.

Good Luck!:)
thanks for the response. :)

I don't live very far from campus so it is definitely worth it to try as I can just up and go whenever. it would be great to get an earlier date - I was just checking to see whether it's a pretty common thing to do during the process!