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Calling the admissions office...


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May 25, 2008
  1. Medical Student
    I have spoken to two deans of medical schools (1 former, 1 current associate), they both told me it was to your advantage to call the admissions office to check on the status of the application and ask questions.

    But, today most schools allow you to check your application online. So the several times I have called the admissions office, I just sound like a ***** and am directed to the website. So I then decided to ask a few questions, even though I know the answers because the information is on the website as well. Which again gets me directed to the website and again, sounding like a *****.

    Do you think this is an antiquated practice? Are there any questions that are fair game that won't make me sound like a *****? Does anyone here regularly call admissions offices of the schools they have applied to?


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    Apr 1, 2007
      I think it's senseless to call the office if the information is already available online. Whenever I've called offices, I usually end up talking to a secretary or a student employee. These people probably have little say in my application or acceptance to medical school. Therefore, I don't think it's any advantage to call just because you want to show your interest in the school.


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      Feb 21, 2004
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        I send updates via email if I send updates.

        if it is a school I'm really familiar with i.e. USF Health, I know who I can talk to directly because I know various voting members of the committee, the Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs and also the Associate director. If it is UCF, I know the director pretty well. So I email those people directly or if I have anything I need to discuss with them I do so by making an appointment.

        Otherwise, I just deal with emails for updates.

        I will strongly advise to ask to speak the people in charge and not secretaries. i've had bad experience speaking with secretaries as they often don't know what they are talking about nor do they really care as much as the directors and people in charge.
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