Dental Can I ask letter writer to rewrite?

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Mar 12, 2013
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I shadowed with a general dentist for 3 months, going in nearly every day. I would also take care of her kids. I thought she would be able to write a very strong letter for me. Unfortunately, this was a long time ago. I went in recently and asked if she would write me a letter of rec and she enthusiastically agreed. She mailed me her letter, which was sweet and in enthusiastic support but very generic. I received her letter in the mail the same day I emailed her my personal statement and CV (not expecting her to have already written it, without updates about what I have been doing since in the dental field since shadowing her). Is there a way I could ask her to tweak it to make it more specific to me, since the one she mailed me could describe any predental? I shadowed another dentists more recently, who had glowing things to say when my dad went in, but I did not spend nearly as much time in this office (only a few days). Should I ask him instead?
If it was me, I would ask her to write it and just add in the things that make it more unique to you, especially if she will write you a solid letter. You always want to get the letters from people who know you best, so I think her updating the letter would be better since you seem to have made a good connection.
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