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Can I get in Medschool in the US?


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Jul 22, 2008
  1. Pre-Medical
Hi guys,

I am Canadian and I go to an American school. I am currently a junior and will be applying this June to medschools. My GPA is around 3.8 and taking the MCAT this spring. Also, I only have 6 months volunteering in the ER and 4 months in a writing centre. I was just wondering if I have a chance at all, since my EC activities is very very little ;(
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Apr 4, 2007
It's my observation that a Canadian applying to US schools generally needs to exceed the usual expectations to get an acceptance. Until you know your MCAT score, it's hard to say if the rest of your application will be reviewed. You do have a very nice GPA, though. I agree with you that your extracurriculars are fairly sparse. It's my understanding that this is a problem if you apply to Canadian med schools also. Why not take an extra year to beef up your application, get in some solid research time, get leadership experience, do additional humanitarian work, besides getting in more clinical experience and doing some shadowing, etc. Even if you get a sterling MCAT score, you're unlikely to get an acceptance with what you've mentioned. Hopefully, you also have some sports, arts, or music interests to list.
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