Medical Can I get into an MBA program with foreign MD?

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Mar 22, 2021
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Can a foreign doctor (IMG) apply for MBA in US? In terms of employability, can his foreign MD degree accepted by the employer in US? Is it mandatory for him to take USMLE?
What about Europe?

PS: MD degree obtained in North Africa (studied medicine in French) + I know about taking TOEFL …

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Most MBA programs require US undergraduate work, but the spread of MBA programs is very wide and some lower quality / lesser known programs might consider foreign trained applicants.

Your second question is easier to answer. The USMLE is a licensing exam. Everyone must take and pass it (or the COMLEX, or the Canadian equivalent) to be a physician in the US. And, you (usually) must do a US residency. Unless you want to work in business and not do clinical work at all -- then it doesn't matter.

But remember that MBA's depend highly upon the school. If you get an MBA from a no-name school, not many people will care -- it's unlikely to open doors.

And, if you're not a citizen, you'll still need a work visa which can be a big problem. In medicine you can always get a J visa. But in business the options are much more limited.
The translation of the degree, whether it is a DES or DESC is rather difficult to the US system. You are better off in Europe via the Bologna process evaluation unless you really have your heart set for the US. If you are not planning on practice, that is. If you are planning on practice, then the MBA has nothing to do with helping you qualify to practice in the US (and DES graduates have an extremely hard time getting the IMG certification down which was intentional by the French system).
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