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Apr 29, 2012
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My stats:
- Currently a third year medical student at a US med school
- Mostly passed, high passed, and honored some classes first 2 years
- Honored most classes 3rd year
- Not sure about AOA
- Step 1: 238/99
- Step 2: will be taking in June, scoring 250 on practice tests
- Research: have a publication in oncology, but nothing in term; working on a case report in derm currently with my school's department
- Volunteer: started volunteering in the derm clinic at my school this week
- Decided late in the game that I wanted to do derm (last week)
- Have my M.S.
- Taking electives in derm, infectious disease, rheum, and immunology to try to show well-rounded interest in all aspects of derm

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Not open for further replies.