can schools see if reapplicants have pulled themselves off of the waitlist?

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May 23, 2020
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hi i'm in the process of reapplication, but I'm on a waitlist that I'd like to withdraw from because of my fit for the school as well as financial reasons. i haven't been accepted anywhere but can schools see if i withdraw from the waitlist?

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The school you withdraw from obviously can, but others won't know.
This^^^. What you are asking is a non-issue. The only things anyone will care about is if you are a reapplicant (some care about their school, others care about any school) and if you ever turned down an A (you didn't). Nobody cares if you were ever on any WLs, and, if so, whether or not you withdrew from them. Unless and until a WL turns into an A, it's a R.
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i would like to seriously encourage you to consider staying on WL..... you really dont know, - this might be your only chance.
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