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Jun 18, 2006
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"A scientist found the elixir of life. Unfortunatelly, he didn't record how to make it. All he knows is that there are 86 liters containing just 3.39 liters of the potion and that he mixed together a strong solution with 15% potion and a weak solution with 2% potion with water. His pet frog tells him that there are 20 liters more water in the mix than the other two solutions combined."

We have to put this in equation; I think linear equation.


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Sep 21, 2006
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I don't have time to try to make a linear equation out of it. But if my pharmacy calcs are right you've got 15.74 liters of you 15% elixir (150g/L) and 50.26 L of 2% (20g/L) = total of 66 liters with 3.39 L elixir. Add 20 L and you've got 86 liters w/3.39 liters of elixir.

Standard box calculation


____[3.39/66*100= 5.1%]


50.26+15.24=66+20L water=86 Liters.

Again good luck making a linear equation, but I think the math is right.

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