Can you accept a PGY-2 position if you matched into a PGY-1 position through the match?

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Jan 18, 2014
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I am a surgery prelim and have entered the match. If I match next week and a PGY-2 position becomes available at another program between now and July 1, can I apply for and accept the position?

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It is very complicated, I think you may be able to transfer after you spend 45 days in your "matched" program, provided both program directors will be ok with it (unlikely) and some other details that I am not aware of.
Match is binding only in so much as the NRMP can label you a match violator.

Theoretically if OP found a spot and a willing PD they could just bail on the prelim spot. But doing so would label them a match violator and get them banned from the match, so they better be darn sure about their plan.

Practically speaking it is extremely unlikely any PD would hire someone in this circumstance.
True she could bail and be a match violator and maybe another program would be ok with that.

Of course, if she matches to the PGY1 Prelim, she could show up and work for 45 days and not violate the match contract then start the PGY2 late.

Technically the OP could do that. Practically it's not likely to happen that way.

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