Aug 9, 2015
This is probably me worrying WAY too much, but can you take the DAT too early?
I just finished my sophomore year and all my prerequisites. I've always heard people recommend you take the DAT once you've finished ochem, but now I'm reading that a lot of people take the DAT the same year or after they've apply to dental school. I took the DAT in July and scored 21AA/21TS/22PAT. I'm pretty happy with the scores now but I'm afraid that when I go to apply in a year an average of 21 will be more common or my scores will be seen as less relevant because they'll be a year old. There really isn't anything I can do about it now, but I was wondering if when you take the test effects how dental schools see your scores.
May 17, 2008
Dental Student
As long as the DAT score is within the timeframe accepted by schools (and if you're applying in a year, it will be), you're fine. There's no disadvantage to taking it after sophomore year - if anything that is the perfect time to take it, IMO.