Jul 6, 2009
Hey guys - I took the Canadian DAT last year and scored PAT:21, Chem:20, Verbal:20, Biol:18, and Carving:15. I think those were listed as 90something, 86th, 84th, 75th, and 60th percentile scores respectively.

I'm applying to Detroit-Mercy and a few Canadian schools this year. I believe my grades might work out to a 3.5 or 3.6 American GPA (~83% average).

Does anyone think I should rewrite? I know I could score a fair bit higher, but I have a heavy work-load next term, and would prefer not to have a DAT in the back of my mind. Any thoughts? Thanks for any advice.


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Sep 20, 2008
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Where are you applying to in Canada, what province are you from? DAT scores don't seem to matter a whole lot for most schools in Canada. Your only slightly bad score is in carving and I'm pretty sure they don't look at that in the states so you should be good to go.