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Jun 25, 2007
writing cDAT for the first time in feb '14, I found some of the biology topics vague, is there a further breakdown?

1. Is cellular processes only limited to cellular respiration (Krebs Cycle, electron transport chain etc) or are there other subtopics I should be reviewing?

2. I have several prep books (albeit mostly American DAT) and none has a section on biological thermodynamics. What subtopics does that entail?

Also, there wouldn't be lab related questions on the exam for biology?

Current plan: I'm making notes from Cliff's AP Bio 4e...may also get Barron's AP Bio for the plant section as I hear the Cliff's portion is too basic. Exam practice I have CDA/Kaplan/Destroyer...may suplement with qVault if necessary.

Bio background: I haven't taken gen bio...only high school Bio and then Anat/Physio 5 years ago.

Thank you.