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Canadian DAT

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by bad_hombre, Jun 12, 2001.

  1. bad_hombre

    bad_hombre Member
    7+ Year Member

    Jun 11, 2001
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    Does anyone out there have any advice regarding the Canadian DAT? Or applying to Ontario schools?

    The Canadian DAT, by the way, is required when applying to Canada, as they don't accept the American DAT. The Canadian DAT has a section where you have to carve different shapes out of soap, but it also contains no organic chem or math like the American DAT. Furthermore, it is a written examination, unlike the computerized american DAT
  2. Canadian boy

    Canadian boy Junior Member
    7+ Year Member

    Jun 2, 2001
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    Carving is the frist thing you do, which is kind of funny cause people are the most nervous then. You can get books that have sample carvings. Make sure you practice more than just the one that the Canadian DAT center gives you. Its usually much harder than that. They are pretty critical about the carving too, but most schools dont really look at it. U of T doesnt, and for western, if you do well in other sections then it doesnt matter. The other sections are not that bad. I have heard the canadian one is overall harder than the american, but I have not taken the american one so I cannot say for sure.
  3. Buy lots of soap (I practiced on about 25 pieces)....if you have extra soap you don't use, you'll be able to sell it pretty easily to other predents.

    Start off slowing making sure you can properly mark the soap with the pencil and sharpie and get used to using the ruler. I found the pencil was alot easier to see the markings than the fat sharpie lines. You can use little techniques to draw straight center lines such as holding the soap steady with one hand on top of the table and guiding the pencil along the table and making the center line. You'll be in good shape if you can mark the soap in under 8 minutes...leaving you with enough time to carve.

    Draw up some of your own soap carvings or have one of your friends or family members draw a few up for you. You'll notice that the soap carving plans the DAT has is a flute/notch/triangle/square on both ends of the soap and only one notch in the middle of the soap...when you're practicing, use the entire soap and carve another notch on the other side of the soap.

    I found the Canadian DAT's biol and chem to be comparable to the US DAT, but the Cdn. PAT is more difficult. After you go through about 3 or 4 Science sections to the Cdn. DAT, you'll notice a trend in the number of questions from different topics...such as having 1 or 2 Mendelian genetics ?'s, 2 embryology ?'s, 2 acid-base ?'s, 1 or 2 titration ?'s, and so on...this will allow you to gauge at what you need to review.

    For the PAT, make sure you do the easy sections first...eg: counting the # of revealed sides on the cubes first, then doing the section with the black dots and folding, then the angles section...etc
    This way, you'll make sure you answer the easiest questions first and aren't rushed in making stupid mistakes of these.

    Good luck!

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