Sep 16, 2017
Resident [Any Field]
I'm a PGY5 in a Canadian Ob/Gyn residency program, planning to write/sit the Royal College Canadian exams in May 2018.

I'm a Canadian and all of my training has been in Canada. I've passed the MCCQE1 & 2 and of course I'll hope to be an FRCSC next year.

But more and more (like many Canadian physicians these days) I'm starting to look at job options in the US.

I'm interested in writing the American board exams (ABOG) in Ob/Gyn after im done with the Canadian ones.

My question is: can I sit this exam directly, or am I required to complete the USMLE exams first even after I'm 'board certified' in Canada? Is the USMLE absolutely required to sit the American boards?

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