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Oct 13, 2005
What do you think? Good for pathology?

Lots of $ for CAP at $4-5K per certificate every 3-5 years (plus multiple certificates per pathologist). Is this really needed? Will it help our profession? Will it be good for patients? They cite advocacy groups as wanting more evidence of pathologist expertise (e.g. they advise sending tissue to large medical centers).

I can see CAP designing the requirements in such a way that corporate path types are excluded (e.g you must participate in tumor boards) and maybe this is needed for the smaller path group to compete.

I am not sure where I stand, but this could get absurd. A certificate for breast pathology is one thing, but a specific certificate for predictive testing? How about a certificate for ER and another one for PR? A certificate for coag testing ... um I thought that was what hemepath boards were for? etc.

I wonder if some areas of pathology will fight this?