Dec 3, 2009
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Any insight into the cardiac fellowships in socal? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the following: UCLA, USC, and cedars sinai.

Rumor has it that cedars volume has recently increased but it is not currently ACGME accredited. According to the website it is pending accreditation. Anyone have additional info on the status?

Thank you in advance...


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Dec 1, 2005
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Several cardiologists that handle heart transplants migrated to Cedars in recent times. Subsequently, a cardiac surgeon relocated his practice there, too. Not sure what the #s are at Cedars but UCLA still does plenty of transplants, as well as caring for sicker patients in general.

Not sold on the idea that ACGME accreditation is all that important (will likely be grandfathered in at some point). That said, UCLA is by far more prestigious. Apply widely--the #s for applicants make any fellowship tougher to get than several years ago.
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