Cardiology programs, any inputs?

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Jan 23, 2016
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Anyone have any info on cardiology programs at :
a)Allegheny b) NY methodist c)Oregon health sciences d) Loma Linda e) U Utah
Historically,people from my program have gone to this places but no one recently and I have no idea who to turn to get any feedback about this programs.
Any input good or bad is appreciated :)
I plan on applying for cardiology fellowship next year.

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I didn't know what to expect at Utah but was pleasantly surprised on my interview day. It may not be a big time research powerhouse, but there is some research going on there. The clinical side seemed solid though. It has a large catchment area with no competing hospitals nearby so you get to see a lot. They have a solid HF/transplant service and it seems you can get your numbers in anything except probably ct/mri, which is shared with radiology like most hospitals. The clinical training is on par with or better than many of the big name academic places I interviewed at. The hospital is really nice and the patients are supposedly really appreciative, though probably not as diverse due to being in SLC. Program seems supportive and the PD was great. SLC seems like an affordable and livable city and great if you're into outdoors.
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