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Mar 28, 2004
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i am currently making 6.25 at target. i have to save up a lot of money to go to a university to complete the prereqs for medical school. in the meantime i would like to complete some kind of medical certificate or other that will give me healthcare experience so i get a better idea of what being a doctor is like while being able to earn a better wage than 6.25 to save up for college. any advice is appreciated.


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Aug 18, 2003
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Don't try to save up money to go to college. College is just too darn expensive. Here are some options:

1. Get your nurses aid certificate, and get a job at a hospital or other company that will give you a tuition benefit. Your tuition benefit can be used to pay all or most of your tuition for school, and the money you're making will keep up your living expenses. I know someone who is doing this now. She works night shifts on a psych ward (very quiet, gives her time to study) while going to school during the day.

2. Go to a community college on Stafford loans and get your RN. That'll really let you make some money; you may also find the options open to nurses (like certified registered nurse/first assist or certified nurse anesthesist or nurse practitioner) give you many of the qualities you're looking for in a medical career... but I would recommend option #1 if you really have your heart set on med school.

3. Apply for other jobs around the hospital (patient transport, e.g.) which are entry level, but still would qualify you for tuition benefits.

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