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Oct 13, 2002
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i'm new to this board as of tonight. i was reading some of the posts people are writing and someone put that they probably had to go to the caribbean for medschool, and they seemed really bummed out.

is this such a bad thing?

reason i ask is because i was planning on going there from the get-go. i live in upstate NY and the idea of going to school in a tropical setting is exciting.

bare in mind, i did LOUSY on my mcats, mediocre GPA, etc.

but i havent heard any horror stories about the caribbean, and i was wondering why the caribbean looks lousy to people.



well i think this would be better answered in the international forum.

i would say the only stigma attached to attending a carribean school is the quality of education or well, the fact that only most people with low mcats and gpa apply there. there is also the problem of returning to us for residency but depending on the carribean school, there are some that have 'connections' (for lack of better word) with very good us schools (i have some idea but i dont want to say cos i might be wrong)

if u go to the respective school's websites , u should be able to find out their residency match sucessess(spelling) and any other information u want to.
i dont know if i will recommend a carribean school but i wouldnt discourage it either, in the end u get a MD degree, thats what u want, right?;)
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Apr 19, 2002
you would have a problem matching into competitive residencies in the states...however, if you want FP, psych, IM, peds, or neurology, maybe even gen surg, you shouldnt have that much of a problem. No top programs, mind you, but community based programs for sure.


I wouldn't worry to much about the negative things people say. But that works both ways, in that you shouldn't buy into everything the school tells you.
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