CARs Interpretation Question

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Jan 2, 2021
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Can someone please check if understand those sentences correctly? :( Thank you in advance!

"The find interested me, for I never cease to regret the scarcity of knowledge of the first explorations of the continent. Some hint, such as the "Boone hut" might provide, of the experience of the long hunters would be invaluable."
= I regret that I had shortage of knowledge! If I knew the hut was Boone's, it would be invaluable!

"Once I found the path leading down through the woods, it was clear to me that I had already had numerous predecessors. And I had not gone far before I knew their species: Scattered more and more thickly along the trail the nearer I got to the site of the hut was the trash that has come to be more characteristic than shoe prints of the race that produced such a man as D. boon."
= Once I found the path, I knew I had many experiences(Predecessors?). And soon, I could knew people(their species?): so many trashes even more than foot-prints.

" What I will write for one may also contribute to its destruction, bringing in more people to drive the roads and crowd the "points of interest" until they become exactly as interesting as busy street."
= What I write will cause destruction, causing many people to come. Why is there "" for "points of interest" ?