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May 21, 2003
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Hey guys. I was wondering if anyone knows if Case is somehow affiliated with the military? I noticed the name is Case Western Reserve University, and I was just wondering if the "reserve" had something to do with the armed forces - like, medical students devote some time to working in the military, etc. I was just curious. Thanks.

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None whatsoever. Apparently, there is an area of Cleveland called the Western Reserve. I think the original Western Reserve University was named after that.
No. Ohio used to part of the Western Reserve of some state along the east coast, and so the university put there while Ohio was still a territory (not a state yet) was called Western Reserve University. This school merged with Case University to make the school that exists today (although lately they seem to be going more and more by just "Case").

The area of Ohio in which Case Western Reserve University is situated was called the "Western Reserve of Connecticut". Western Reserve University (merely named after the swatch of land on which it rested) was started by a group of Yale alums in Hudson, Ohio - about 40 miles southeast of the current school.

Sometime after that, Western Reserve University moved to University Circle and situated itself RIGHT NEXT to the Case Institute of Technology on Euclid Avenue and Adelbert Road, Cleveland, Ohio. The old Western Reserve University land in Hudson is now a private (boarding?) school called Western Reserve Academy.

Like most "full service" universities at the time, Western Reserve University consisted of several colleged (Adelbert College, Flora Stone Mather College) and had all the departments one would expect (history, Chemistry, Biology, English, etc.) It also had a medical school (I think the original building is still very much in use - though I'm not sure if the school was started before the move from Hudson), Law School, etc.

Likewise, Case Institute of Technology also (as far as I know) had a full compliment of departments (but no med school, law school, etc.) Upp until 1967, students from the two schools could cross-register, etc. In 1967 the schools joined (what they call "confederation") and there it has existed as a two "class" University ever since. If anybody is interested into this last bit, let me know.