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Jul 29, 2006
First of all I am sorry to raise the same question but I did not find my answer here.

I have 2 programs in my area that I will put to my top choices and I was thinking to rank both categorical and preliminary positions in order to enhance my chances to get into these programs. I am going to put IM into the specialty of interest for preliminary program. I found these recommendations on their site:

We offer both categorical (3 year) and preliminary (1 year) Training Programs. I urge graduates of international medical schools who are interested in our categorical program to also apply to the preliminary program and to rank both. In the event that an applicant interested in the categorical program matches with the preliminary program and performs well during internship, he or she is given special consideration for an opening at the PGY-2 level. Please indicate to which program(s) you are applying.

I called another program and the lady told me that it is a possibility that applying for both categorical and preliminary positions will enhance my chances.

I am confused because IM suppose not to be a “pyramidal system”. Could it be that because I am applying for both positions they will put my applications right to the shredder?
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