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Jan 22, 2015
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Hey all,

I am 32 looking to apply to med school next cycle (2021 matriculation). Wondering if it makes sense to retake classes at a CC to refresh since I have been out of school for a while (graduated 7 years ago). BA in Psychology - overall GPA is a 3.6 - all done at my university except for an intro biochem class I took a couple of years ago at a CC which I got an A in. Science GPA is a 3.45 which includes a big F (5 credit hours) from precalc my Freshman semester - I retook the class and got an A later on. I took all my pre reqs in undergrad and the worst grade I earned was a B- (O Chem II lab), so I don't NEED to replace any grades IMO. My question is will it be frowned upon/look weird to retake classes at a lower level (CC) just to help me study for the MCAT? I also see it as a good way to get some updated LORs and it will also allow me to leave my current career to focus on shadowing/volunteering/studying. Does this make sense or has anyone else done this?

Thanks in advance for any and all help or suggestions!
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