CCS cases grading vs STEP 3

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Jan 15, 2016
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I'm wondering if the CCS grading style is similar to actual step 3? It seems like for CCS cases, the strategy is to shotgun and over investigate and treat in terms of investigations and management because you don't usually get points off unless if it's inappropriately invasive. For example, you can just shotgun antibiotics and you don't necessarily get docked any points. There doesn't seem to be a point in being precise at all. Just investigate and treat everything. Even if you're not sure.

Does anyone know if step 3 is graded similarly? Should we use a similar strategy?

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No one knows how that section is graded on the real thing, but many people report using a similar strategy (shotgun labs) on the real exam and passing

Try best practices and don't kill your patients and you'll probably pass. Most people who fail don't fail because of those cases, but the 500 step 1/step 2ck questions on the exam.
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