CE courses for F.A.G.D. and M.A.G.D

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Dec 5, 2006
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im thinking of starting the process to obtain a fellowship in AGD but it requires 500 CE. how are you guys getting all these CE its so expensive to pay for all these courses.

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It takes years to obtain enough CE for the F.A.G.D. Set a goal for 50 hours a year.

Few tips:
-Attend local society meetings - they're usually affordable. I just signed up for a 6 hour course taught by someone from Spears for $99
-Did you do a residency? That counts for 150 hours.
-There are free courses at dentalcare.com that I believe count for F.A.G.D., but I have no experience with taking/redeeming these courses.
-Take a Pankey/Spears/Dawson/Kois course. I did Pankey I and got around 50 hours. They're not cheap, but it sets the bar pretty high for the way you practice dentistry.

Publish a paper, lecture at a dental school. These account for a lot of CE for ***D, MAGD.
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yup easier said than done, those ce run $40 minimum and you need 500 and for magd you need 800.
What about a master track series through your region's AGD? It's over 4 years, includes about 320 hours and costs $6500.