Chad's Videos and DAT Destroyer

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Aug 1, 2012
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If I just use Chad's and DAT Destroyer will it be enough for organic chem?

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Yes, absolutely. If time or money is an issue, I'd just go for Chad's. There was ONE question on my orgo section that I wouldn't have gotten right if I hadn't used Destroyer. For everything else, Chad was great preparation. I made a 29. There ya have it. :)
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Hi guys,

Quick question:
So I'm working on organic chemistry for the DAT. I watched Chad's videos and took lots of notes, and now I'm tackling the Ochem section of the Destroyer (the general destroyer, not the Ochem one).. I keep getting questions on reactions that Chad's videos didn't cover.. Does this mean my prep with Chad is lacking? Or is destroyer way too overkill and I wouldn't get all these random questions on the real DAT?

Thanks :)
I wouldn't say destroyer is overkill. Dr. Romano only puts in questions that have been asked, or he believes may very well be asked. Each DAT usually has like 5 trick questions within it, Dr. Romano compiles a whole book of these trick questions so you get them right.
Oh my, so there's more stuff I need to know!! Lol alright thanks for your reply, I'll make sure to work on that :)
should i be memorizing all of the reactions in chad's like i did for ochem in undergrad? also, will I have no know the explanations as to why a reaction performs as it does?
If you think about it, you don't really have to know that many reactions, especially complicated ones. The DAT Destroyer really only introduces a handful of NEW reactions that you might have not derived from general OC knowledge. I'd definitely know them just in case =)