Chad's Videos: Which sections for DAT?

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Jan 18, 2021
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I know there are a million threads about chad's videos, but I can't seem to find a straight answer on this. I've found which has high school science videos, college science videos, DAT practice tests, and a "master course" which requires a paid subscription. There's also which has what looks like the same college science videos, and I guess the videos were hosted by some other websites as well in the past. I've also read on some threads that there are certain videos that are tailored for DAT prep. So which website should I use, and which videos should I watch? What does the master course have to offer that the free videos don't? Is it worth it to watch all the videos in all 5 subjects, or are the Gen Chem and O Chem sections enough?


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Although I never used Chad's myself, I always think it's best to utilize all of your free resources first to save money. The free videos may be decent (again, no experience with them, maybe someone else can comment there), but things like Khan Academy and other YouTube videos are of great help as well and oftentimes more than enough. I used the free Orgoman videos on YouTube, specifically for the Math section (which was a life saver, I'll admit), but last I saw they cover all of the sections with different topic videos.

Best of luck!
True, although it's really more of an investment to me than anything. My main concern is making the most of the time I have between now and when I take the test, which is about 2.5 months
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