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Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by Challenge, Oct 30, 2000.

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    Alright, I guess it's time to make my own final decision since I got all the incites and advices from you guys.
    I think there is a limitation of supporting or advising someone to help them getting into med school as far as numbers are concerned. It's about time for my dream into ACTION.
    Whenever I pull up my numbers into competitive range, I should then ask for another help for the next step. As far as I know, this is the first thing I should be done since my numbers are WAY lower than among any pre-meds in this world. [​IMG]
    But I'm not embarrassed. I might have been embarrassed if I was born to be pre-med and dreamed about it almost all my life.
    Besides, I want people to think that I am party girl that I can never become a doctor at this point..
    Because if I get in someday and become a doctor, that makes me much more attractive well-rounded individual although I admire those traditional students with excellent numbers. I am just a tranditional applicant wanna-be who has never been a "good" student.)

    Congradulation to all those who got in and gave salutary advices!

    One more thing, my high school GPA was 1.2 in my country where I grew up for almost 18 years. I took college courses right away with this ugly academic background. And I was a spoiled lazzy @ss college student. I got into graduate school (Top school) in my foreign country U.S.! Isn't it amazing?? Anybody can do it!! [​IMG]

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    Good luck, sister. I wish you the best. It's smart to keep a low profile about yourself, as people always lie and try to put you in a negative state of mind.

    Remember what someone once told me: "There has never been a person who was determined and didn't get into medical school eventually - if you don't get in, it's because you weren't determined enough." I think it's true.

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