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Chance me Pharmacy school in CA

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by jasonisthejason, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. jasonisthejason


    Jun 12, 2016
    Hi my stats are
    3.4 overall, 3.4 science
    Biochem and Molecular Bio major from UC Davis
    no PCAT (yet)

    -Did 1 year of undergraduate research and published a paper as second author.
    -Research assistant at UCSF for past 6 months post graduation.
    -Volunteer for 160 hours at a hospital.

    Not much community/leadership involvement. I spent a lot of my time in the lab.

    I have strong research background.
    -My supervisor/PI (well known scientist) from UCSF are willing to write me a strong LOR.
    -1 LOR from my PI from undergrad.
    -Planning on asking a professor for LOR that I got an A from.

    I need to take public speaking/econ/anatomy for pre-reqs.

    What would be some schools that I would have a good change of getting in?
    My target school is UCSD but my GPA falls below the average (3.70).
    Thank you and I appreciate any tips from you guys.
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  3. DailyDaisies

    DailyDaisies Incoming Pharmacy Student for the Class of 2022

    Apr 5, 2017
    There are a plethora of CA schools you could apply to given your competitive stats. However, is there a reason why you’re limiting yourself to just CA schools? A majority of out-of-state schools are significantly cheaper and are as well known as CA ones. Since you’re into research, I recommend looking into the university of Utah; they have a strong research focus. Also, I would definitely work on gaining pharmacy hours because many schools want to ensure you’re making the right choice. Plus you want to ensure you’re making the right choice for yourself too; 4 Years of your life and loans is a big commitment, especially since many pharmacists end up in retail doing the same thing until they reach retirement. I also recommend you apply for 1 reach school, 2 average schools, and 1 back-up school. I wouldn’t worry too much on your gpa being lower than the average applicant gpa, just as long as you have strong recommendations, personal statement, and extracurriculars etc. I personally had a 3.3 science gpa and was accepted to all 4 schools I applied to because I excelled in other ways. But otherwise it looks like you’re on the right track! Good luck!
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2018
  4. NicolasAngel


    May 15, 2016
    Out of curiosity, even with such strong research background, why do you want to go to pharmacy school and not a well-known graduate school?
  5. jasonisthejason


    Jun 12, 2016
    Haha this feels like a potential interview question. I feel like I don't belong to research. Even though I have gained so much experience in research, that did not translate to the fact that I would want to pursue it through grad school. In my mind, I feel like I lack a certain creativity and drive that grad students/researchers have. I'm more of a do-er type of person than a thinker. I am a problem solver but I lack the curiosity to dig past the surface. I prefer to solve problems by using a quick temporary solution that works than using a more long term fix. Much like drugs, it fixes the problem temporary but not permanently. In grad school, I feel like the most important thing is to learn and discover something. But for most people, the discovery is not that significant. I don' think I want to spend 4 or more years to do that. Doing pharmacy is more meaningful to me.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2018
  6. pharmschoolhopeful2014


    Jul 26, 2017
    OMG are you me? hahaha. I worked in research 2 years undergrad and 4 year post grad and decided to go to pharm school. I feel the same way too: good with technical skills but I know I don't have the characteristics of a grad student. Your resume looks awesome. Score well on the PCAT and I'm sure you can get in anywhere. :)
  7. TheOracle


    Oct 30, 2017
    Bless your heart. Most people will not make it to the hospital setting, there are just not enough jobs. Even retail is getting saturated. Volunteering does not equal future employment. After walking into pharmacy school (little competition these days), you will need to secure an internship with a hospital, then do 1-2 years of residency AFTER pharmacy school to even get close to working as a pharmacist in a hospital. There are so many opportunities out there, don't limit yourself to pharmacy; it is a dying animal. I got pushed into this nightmare by family and I regret it every day.
    1. What are your back-up plans if you end up unemployed after pharmacy school? Are you willing to drive for Uber or work at Starbucks? Are you ok with being in debt?
    2. Do you have a relative who will give you a job once you graduate?
    3. Are you willing to work retail? Do you like competing with multiple people to get 32 hours/week of employment, standing on your feet in one position for long periods of time, working in the ghetto/trailer park areas, traveling 1-2 hours to pick up shifts at unfamiliar stores, wetting yourself because you cannot take a bathroom break, not eating for 10-14 hours, dealing with rude/violent customers angry about why their insurance is not paying for their medication? If these things appeal to you, then proceed with your choice of pursuing pharmacy because retail is where most people end up IF they can get a job.

    If medications and problem-solving are really your passions I would go the PhD route, get into industry. Not everyone does research, there are many different types of opportunities with big pharmaceutical companies.

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