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Aug 14, 2017
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Hey guys, this is my first post on SDN. I am going to be starting my junior year soon and just want to feel out my chances of going to a top 20 md school.

Ohio resident at top state school
3.87 cgpa
3.91 sgpa
MCAT 514
1 year of neuro research with one pub
250 hours volunteering
125 hours shadowing multiple specialties
president of two student organizations
medical mission to Nicaragua
2 strong letters of rec. hopefully a strong third on the way

thanks for any and all feedback

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Applying is a crap shoot -to Top 20s is unpredictable! Any service to those less fortunate than yourself (nonclinical)? Your medical mission trip might not be impressive to some(many) ADCOMS. Your stats are very nice. You should apply broadly to many schools. Throw in a few reaches. Use the MSAR to develop your list. When you have a list come back and post it and people will be happy to help you!

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If your avatar is any indication, you will do well in Ohio.
You may well get an interview at Case, if your research is strong.

I have suspicion OP will do well in Ohio as well, but not in Chicago.
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