Chances/List for 2011-2012 Application Cycle

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Mar 28, 2011
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31 y/o non-trad

3.0 GPA from top-30 liberal arts school, Political Science, 2002
3.98 GPA from state school, post-bac including graduate level science work, 2009-2011
CUM GPA: 3.36 BCPM:3.54
MCAT: PS 13, BS 13, V 11, R
Spent 2002-2009 as US Army Special Forces Medic, full-time clinical work around the world, treating everything from US Army personnel as the only PCP, to working in major trauma center in the US as a Advanced Tactical Practitioner (essentially more technical skills than a paramedic, but without the science background of a PA)
While at State School, raced triathalon at national level (Ironman in 09, National Championship at 1/2 Iron in 2010, racing for Colorado Beef Council in 2011)
Extensive Fund raising for Wounded Warrior Foundation
Research into membrane binding proteins (multiple presentations at symposiums, will be full-time researcher in paid position from June 2011-June 2012)

Essentially, I had no idea what I wanted to do as an undergrad, and my grades at that time reflect this. Now that I know what I want to do, and learned the discipline in the military to succeed, my recent grades reflect my test scores.

If anyone could point me in the right direction as to schools to consider (ie those that look favorably on military service and non-trad backgrounds) it would be much appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and dispense a little advice.

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How many postbac hours did you complete?

What is your state of residence?

I know this will sound silly to you, but it would be a good idea to classify some of your experience as Physician Shadowing. And if you haven't got experience observing a civilian primary-care doc, you should get this in.

With a 3.36/37, schools with a good OOS matriculation rate (>15%) for you to research for fit might be:

UCF, USCal, Boston, Tufts, SLU, Einstein, Rochester,
Colorado, UConn, Georgetown, Miami, Iowa, Maryland, UMinn, Stony Brook, Wake, Cincinnati, Penn State, UWisconsin,
Loma Linda, Loyola, RFU, UKentucky, Creighton, Albany, SUNY Downstate, Hofstra (new), Jefferson, MCW,
UIllinois, Wayne, Buffalo, Toledo, UNebraska, Drexel, Temple, Vermont, VCU, Virginia Tech Carilion (new),
GWU, FIU, Louisville, Tulane, UNevada (from region and [W]WAMI), NYMC, MUSC, SCarolina, EVMS.
I believe you have a shot with almost any schools. You should decide whether you are interested in more research focused schools or schools more focused on primary care.
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Thanks for the advice!
My state of residence is Colorado.
I can definitely list some of my time as physician shadowing.
I have 59 post-bac hours as of the end of this semester. My GPA includes about 12 credit hours of 4000 level chemistry, and about 12 credit hours of 3000 level biology, with the rest being the actual medical school pre-reqs, mostly 2000 level classes at this school, with the exception of O-Chem which is 3000 level here.
I also forgot to mention in my original post that I'm a physiology Teaching Assistant for three lab sections.
My LOR's are good; my committee letter writer just told me that he can't wait to write mine (in a good way). My five letters supporting my committee are all solid as well; one from my old Battalion Surgeon (my medical boss) one from my former detachment commander (tactical boss), one from my TA boss (and physiology professor), one from my biochemistry professor (and research boss), and one from my Gen Chem II prof who I had a good relationship with.
I will find a civilian primary care doc to shadow for a couple of days.
Thanks again.
Colorado is definitely toward the top of my list!
I'll list one semester of research complete with two symposium presentations. I'll probably put a note or something to the effect of that transitioning to a full time paid position.
That sounds like a good way to get your planned additional research for this next year into your application even though it hasn't happened yet.

Despite the low cGPA, you appear to be very well poised for a successful cycle with many excellent activities. We haven't discussed the perception of altruism related to military service, and the usual leadership opportunities that generally come with this activity (be sure to blow your own horn and list them). And your sport is one that will garner some intereest. If you have other hobbies or artistic endeavors, be sure to include them too. Your problem will be squeezing everything into 15 spaces (it's fine to group things), an often inevitable complication of being of nontraditional age.
I will definitely do that. Thanks a ton for all the help and advice.
Catlyistik, thanks a ton for your help and advice. Another question. With so much of my experience coming from the military, should I break up my service into more 'bite size' pieces for the AMCAS application? If so, should I try to group them into leadership, community service type, civilian med (I actually got a lot of my training in civilian medical centers, so I have plenty of exp. treating US people of ALL walks of life), and military/war? I want to make sure I get an accurate picture of myself on the application without seeming like EVERYTHING I have done is related to Uncle Sam.
Had a great cycle! Thanks for all your help! I'll be going to either Duke or Yale, and I just wanted to say thanks for all your advice!