Nov 4, 2010
Hi everyone, this is my first time on SDN so sorry if I don't give all the info right off the bat. So here's my situation. I have a 3.5 sGPA but that's based on me having a poor start in freshman year and a 4.0 throughout my senior year with an upward trend throughout. My cGPA is a 3.6 or so and my MCAT was a 34S (11,11,12).

My main problem is that I got a few C's. I tried to break it down below.

Summer Quarter: C+ in Ochem A
Fall Quarter: Withdrew in Ochem B due to extra circumstances which I explained
Winter Quarter: C- in Ochem B
Spring Quarter: Withdrew from Ochem C
Fall Quarter: B+ in Ochem C

I know it looks bad because it seems like I've been running away from ochem but I tried to make up for that by taking the summer and getting that B+ and the 12 in bio for the MCAT. My situation is I know schools have a policy of C or better so will I need to retake ochem B (which I got the C- in)? My other classes have been pretty solid with me getting nearly all A's in my upper division biology courses (I'm a human bio major). Physics I've also gotten straight A's with and my ochem lab I got an A- in. So I guess my question is what do I need to do about ochem at this point?

1) Do I need to retake that 2nd series ochem B class (because of the C-)
2) Even if I don't should I take another ochem class anyway?

My extracurriculars include volunteer work for 4yrs, research in a lab, got a publication for a textbook etc. Thanks again, sorry if I was a bit too wordy, just really not sure what to do at this point overall.