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May 16, 2002
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When I filled out my FAFSA back in February, it showed that my student net income was over 50K. I then talked to my financial aid advisor at the University of Washington and told her that I have been and now am currently working full time, but come August, that I would quit my job and stop working altogether. She suggested that I fill out a correction form to my FAFSA so that this could be taken into account. I filled out the form stating just that (that I would no longer be working come August...without any figures whatsoever) and sent it to UW. Now, I have received notification from FAFSA that they have recalculated by student net income to be about 3,500. Is this correct? Should I question these figures?



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Apr 21, 2002
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Yes, question them. It sounds like they are saying they expect you to earn 3500 during the school year (from your post). Is this correct? If you aren't planning on working, and told them so, where did they get that figure from? If they are saying that your contribution -commonly called federal EFC-(what they expect you can save from working) is 3500, they it is probably low. A low EFC works in your favor, but if you get audited, they may realize that the low number is a mistake, and ask for money back. Either way, you should know where the 3500 comes from, and if it is expected income, tell them someone made a mistake somewhere, and ask for help to correct it.
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