Chapman University vs Arcadia University (Stats)

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Mar 24, 2012
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First of all, I am in an incredibly fortunate situation of being accepted into both programs as I have been grinding for the past 3 years to get into school. I made a list to organize the benefits of both schools, however I am still very much torn. I would love any insight from anyone with previous knowledge of these programs into making the best decision for myself. Also, I am more than happy to answer any questions regarding my application process as well.

My entire support circle is in California, so leaving to the east coast is scary in the sense that I will be far away from my family/girlfriend/friends. However it's also exciting as a new adventure.

My application statistics
Bachelor's of Science - Kinesiology/Exercise Science - California State University Long Beach
Overall GPA/ Prerequisite GPA - 3.6/3.5
GRE - 152V/157Q/4.5W
Work Experience - 1000+ hours - 800+ Out patient orthopedics

Chapman University (Summer Cohort 2018)
Cost -135k
Length 3 Full years
Cohort Size - 32 Students
Clinical Rotations - 44 weeks
Graduation Rate/License Pass - 94%/100%
Weather - Amazing all the time
Probation - Sub 3.0

Arcadia University (Fall Cohort 2018)
Cost - 96k (Received partial scholarship)
Length - 2.5 Years
Clinical Rotation - 36 Weeks
Cohort Size - 60 Students
Weather - 4 seasons
Graduation Rate/License Pass - 97%/95%
Probation - Sub 2.7

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Both schools are expensive. Which one has the lower total cost of attendance, i.e., tuition + living expenses?

If you will need loans to tide you over, I encourage you to look at how much you'd have to set aside for repayments monthly, and for how long. IMO, a DPT degree is not worth 100k+ in loans.
I'm not sure where you got your Clinical Rotation value for Chapman. As a current Chapman student, we only do 36 weeks of clinicals, up to 40 weeks if you're able to get 12 weeks during both 5th and 7th semester (8/12 weeks during 5th and 7th, 16 weeks during 9th). Personally, I chose Chapman due to proximity to home because being close to my girlfriend and family was most important to me.

My cohort size is 31 students and I love the smaller class sizes. The professors here are amazing, but I'm biased. That being said, I wish that it wasn't as expensive. Tuition has gone up almost 2k since I first started.

It doesn't matter which school you go to as long as you get your DPT. The fact that the Arcadia program is 40k cheaper (or more) and finishes half a year faster sounds like a good deal to me. I'm not sure what your living situation would be at either school though so the difference in cost will vary.

You need to decide what your priority is and it'll make the decision easier.
if I were you I would go with Arcadia. The length of the program is shorter, the pass rate is better, the probation requirement is not as stringent as Chapman, and most of all, the cost is way cheaper! congrats